Year of Legends 2017

Wales is celebrating it's past, present and future this year, with events across the country bringing the past to life.

The Welsh landscape is ancient, with history and myth wherever you look.  A land of valleys and craggy coastlines has many secrets to reveal.  If you want to be thrilled by modern accomplishments then why not take to the skies and fly above it all on the worlds fastest zip wire in Bethesda's old slate quarry?  Or perhaps surf a man-made wave in Conwy!

In and around the coast are Roman Harbours, Victorian Piers, 230 beaches, 50 islands all teeming with an abundance of wildlife.  Dotted all over Wales are it's 641 castles; each with their own story to tell.  Wales has millenniums of history to discover.

History can cross over into myth very easily in Wales. Tales of dragons and King Arthur are sure to keep your imagination alive while you explore this epic land of equally epic stories.