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This Is The Life

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This is the Life

"I threw open the window and leaned out into the fresh morning air.  The early mist was just lifting from the hills, a pheasant called in the distance and in the farmyard below, a small figure emerged from the barn with a basket of new-laid eggs.  The pace and pressures of everyday life seemed worlds away.  I looked down over this tranquil country scene and thought - yes: this is the life!"

If this is the way you like to start your day, then the Farm Stay experience is definitely for you.

Farm Stay UK provides your passport to the peace and relaxation of the British countryside, staying on working farms and other rural properties of character with knowledgeable country families as your hosts.

From Scotland and Wales to the West Country, from the glens of Northern Ireland to Eastern England's open fields and fens, our nation-wide network of rural retreats provides a superb choice of quality bed & breakfast and self-catering accommodation in all the loveliest parts of Britain.

Lengthening shadows: a good day's work is nearly done.