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Why Farm Stay?

Farm Stay is a not-for-profit organisation run by and working for the mutual benefit of members.

- There’s no commission on bookings

- 27,000 FREE to pick up brochures distributed across the UK

And with an established client base and over 30 years experience our website receives nearly 1 million visitors every year – and interest is increasing.

Farm Stay UK is the UK’s ONLY website dedicated to the promotion of farm and country accommodation and supporting farmers and country people diversify.

When you join and become a member you will have a say in how its run. There’s an annual Membership Fee, a Membership Benefits package –access to other owners through a Membership Community and a Facebook community!

We charge a reasonable Membership fee and not a booking commission.  Starting at £279 for one room/unit (plus £50 per additonal room/unit) and includes a 1/12th page entry in our brochure, with options to upgrade further.

We have over 30 years of experience, we remain a NOT-FOR-PROFIT co-operative owned by its members, yet run by tourism professionals. This means every penny is put into marketing and promotion and not the pockets of share-holders, major international companies or Directors.

Farm Stay UK is committed to providing quality accommodation to its guests and while we recommend properties are graded by their national tourism organisations, this is not obligatory.

The 2018 brochure will be in a completely different style to our recent brochures.  These are entry examples you can choose from.

Download a copy of these options Download PDF

Membership T&Cs

If you require further assistance call 02476 696909 or e-mail