About Farm Stay UK

Farm Stay UK was established in 1983 as The Farm Holiday Bureau, with 23 local groups, through the leadership and support provided by ADAS (then fully financed by MAFF, now DEFRA), the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE), the National Tourist Boards (inc. the BTA), and the magazine Farmers Weekly.

We still work closely with both national and local tourism agencies and currently have over 700 advertised accommodation businesses. A regional and local structure still exists to this day to promote better co-operation and best practise at a local level. Our members are in all corners of the UK across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Farm Stay Today 
Farm Stay UK is a “Not-For-Profit” farmer owned consortium, registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act. The main objective is to more effectively market the accommodation provided by its members thus helping increase occupancy rates and incomes.

Farm Stay UK is the market leader in its field, recognised for its innovation and success within the tourism industry at home and abroad.  Farm Stay UK is committed to providing quality accommodation to its guests and while we recommend properties are graded by their national tourism organisations, this is not obligatory.

Farm Stay UK was also among the first to promote its members' services and facilities through the Internet and currently operates a very powerful and productive website.

The company finances its entire operation through membership fees boosted, wherever possible, by income from sponsorship or advertising. All funds are used within the business ensuring every penny is utilised and not returned in dividends.

Our Current Structure
Farm Stay, as a national membership organisation, is run by a Board (made up from elected members) of 7 Regional Directors plus a Chairman.

Members have the chance to meet together at the Annual Conference/AGM whilst each region meets separately in spring and autumn. Local groups meet more often depending upon requirements.

Our Purpose

The primary functions are:

• to promote the concept of farm tourism in the UK
• to help members expand their businesses through pro-active marketing/sales support
• to assist farmers in broadening their income base through diversification