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Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Farm Stay UK is registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act and was founded in 1983. Back then it was known as The Farm Holiday Bureau and consisted of 23 local groups. Leadership and support was provided by ADAS which was fully financed by MAFF, (now known as DEFRA), the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE), the National Tourist Boards including the BTA and the Farmers Weekly publication.

We have kept our regional and local structure to promote better cooperation and best practice at a local level. We finance our entire operation through membership fees. This is boosted, wherever possible, by income received through sponsorship or advertising. All funds are utilised within the business, so every penny is used and returned in dividends.

With its national membership, Farm Stay UK is currently run by a board of elected members.

Members have the opportunity to meet up for the Annual General Meeting/Annual Conference each November and local groups meet regularly if, and when, required.

As well as having an excellent digital presence and brochure, Farm Stay UK promotes the brand at agricultural shows, national events and within the national media.

We also work alongside many tourism organisations and we recommend that properties are graded, giving guests confidence in their choice of accommodation. While this is not obligatory, it is certainly beneficial for all concerned.