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Terms and Conditions

1. A member will provide, on a commercial basis, farm accommodation in the United Kingdom. 'Farm accommodation' means accommodation on land which is used for the business of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and/or a related enterprise, being a business which is a source of income for that person. Other rural properties, as the Board may see fit, may be a 'Country Property' if they uphold the principles of Farm Stay UK.

2. A member who retires from a business described above but continues to provide accommodation (and which accords with the perception of farm accommodation which Farm Stay UK seeks to project) shall qualify under this rule provided membership is continuously maintained.

3. Members must comply with all necessary statutory requirements of their national government to operate accommodation businesses.

4. Farm Stay UK has a number of recognised sponsors and Members may receive correspondence from them from time to time.

5. The number of units featured on the Members website must align with the number on the Farm Stay UK website unless dispensation has been agreed by the Board.

6. Any images submitted to Farm Stay UK may be additionally used for promotional activity.

7. Farm Stay UK may seek updates of quality ratings from the National Ratings bodies (VisitEngland, VisitScotland, VisitWales, the AA and others as approved); this will include, name, property address and star rating and designator. We reserve the right to read the reports and the percentage scores.  An independent assessment is not a requirement of membership although members are expected to be safe, clean and legal as a minimal standard.

Conditions of Entry

1. Entries must comply with all relevant legislation and the responsibility for accuracy rests with the member supplying the copy. However, Farm Stay UK reserves the right to refuse material considered not to be in accord with statutory requirements with particular reference to the Trades Description Acts 1968 and 1972.

2. Neither Farm Stay UK nor its agents will be liable for any direct or indirect loss, consequential or otherwise, arising as a result of any amendment or change to the entry, or to the failure of that entry to appear, or for the accuracy or legibility of any other brochure content.

3. Cancellations of entries can only be accepted in writing before the agreed annual closing date. Refunds or financial compensation cannot be made in the case of cancellation or change after this date.

4. Farm Stay UK reserves the right to: a) Refuse entries, copy or design/layout without explanation: b) Decide the final position of entries within the brochure.

5. Entries must not make reference to the availability of alternative types of accommodation. Separate entries must be taken in the appropriate section of the brochure for those wishing to advertise additional facilities.

6. Farm Stay UK and its agents reserve the right to edit descriptions which exceed the maximum number of words (50 for 1/12th standard entries) or which do not conform to Farm Stay's editorial style.

7. Price information shall be given as a range from lowest in low season and highest in high season. Where a single price is given, this must be available at any time. 'From' prices will not be accepted.

8. The membership year runs annually from the 1st April.  Membership includes your entry onto the website and a basic entry into the next printed version of the brochure.  Members hold ultimate responsibility for their website and brochure entries.  This will apply to all members unless dispensation has been agreed by the Board of Directors.

9.Other specific Terms and Conditions may apply in relation to new members joining as the result of a special member join offer ie. offers are generally not applicable to lapsed members within the last membership year.