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  • Working Farm Cottages

    Stay on a working farm for a holiday experience like no other. Working farm cottages are ideal for families especially if you want to get everyone involved on...

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  • My Personal Sanctuary

    My Personal Sanctuary is a luxurious and truly indulgent beauty therapy service delivering 5 star quality organic treatments carried out in the comfort of your...

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  • Pet Friendly Cottages

    Going on holiday without your pets can prove difficult for some, and may even prevent families from staying away for a longer period of time.Luckily for those...

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  • Walking Holiday Cottages

    When you think of the countryside you will no doubt have images in your mind of rambles across beautiful vallies, strolls in the woods, walking along...

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  • Cottages and B&Bs with Outdoor Swimming Pool

    A terrific asset on a summer holiday, an outdoor pool is the great way to start or end a day, freshen up on a hot day, or plough a few lengths so the fitness...

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  • Film and TV Locations

    Locations for film and television shoots sometimes become as iconic as the scenes they are in.  From costume dramas to alien invasions, Britain has been...

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  • Take Your Horse on Holiday

    Farm Stay UK has properties who take horses as well as people – but not in the same room! Why not treat yourself and your horse to a trot or a gallop in...

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  • Ground Floor Bedroom Cottages & B&Bs

    For holidaymakers who have a preference for a ground floor bedroom in their farm accommodation this will surely appeal to you.  Many people require a...

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