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Dark Sky Areas

When we think about taking holidays out in the countryside we often only consider what we will do with our days, but getting away from the cities gives us an opportunity to see the majesty of the night. So discover the infinite wonders of the sky by visiting a Farm Stay property in a dark sky area.

Some estimates state that 85% of the UK population have never seen a truly dark sky. Seeing the billions of stars in our sky on a cloudless night, with the bright band of the Milky Way above you is a breathtaking experience that everyone should see once in their life.

It's not just humans that benefit. Vast amounts of British wildlife from Owls to Otters, Badgers, Hedgehogs and Deer are all considered nocturnal and flourish in the dark sky environment.

The best time to experience dark skies is during the Autumn and Winter months as the nights get shorter. So grab a reclining chair and a nice hot drink, sit back and experience the night sky from a Farm Stay Dark Sky property.