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Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs

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Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs

Add a luxurious treat to your Farm Stay break and book a holiday cottage with a hot tub. 

Enjoy a relaxing stay that combines great countryside views and open space with plenty of bubbles created in your hot tub heaven!
After spending your days taking country walks and enjoying the outdoors, a warm welcoming hot tub is a nice treat to return to. Relax and unwind while enjoying panoramic views of the great British countryside or stargaze from the warmth of your tub.  Some of our properties even offer the full pamper experience through links with local suppliers or Farm Stay's national partner, My Personal Sanctuary.

 Farm Stay has a number of properties which exclusively include a sauna or hot tub, in some cases maybe both!   With self catering properties situated   throughout the countryside of the UK,  you   are sure to find the ideal   destination within the Farm Stay collection.