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Lamb Watch Holidays

According to the BBC programme Lambing Live, more than 16 million lambs are born each year in the UK and of these many thousands are born on farm land belonging to Farm Stay UK members - making these farms the perfect place to go for a short break and spot a new-born lamb for real, rather than watching on television.

Some of the most stunning farmhouse bed and breakfasts, beautiful cottages and converted barns in the country belong to Farm Stay UK members, and from Cornwall at the start of the year to Scotland in May, lambs will be skipping around the fields and chasing their own kind around in the spring sunshine. Staying on a farm is the best place to spot the antics and Farm Stay UK members are inviting visitors to take part in their own Lamb Watch - children especially are welcome to learn more about lambing and the hard work that sheep farmers undertake every year in spring.

It's not just lambs though, Farm Stay UK members have all manner of animals living on their farms from chickens to ducks, cows, Shetland ponies, goats, horses and of course plenty of wagging farm dogs.