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If you have been a Farm Stay member before or have previously set up your details on the website, then please log in to your existing account before continuing.
If you don't remember your password or if your account was created on the previous website, please reset your password here.

Find out more about joining Farm Stay and listing your property in our membership brochure.

Your Membership Category

Please choose the category of membership for which you would like to apply. Your membership category determines how many units you are allowed to have on the Farm Stay website.

Basic membership includes one unit for self-catering or glamping, or two B&B rooms.

** Glamping units after basic membership allows increments of 5 units per membership category. 

Your membership will auto renew at the end of the subscription year, which ends on April 1st. You will be asked to set up a subscription for this reason.

All prices include VAT.