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Over the Farm Gate

The A-Z of Farm Stay

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring what makes Farm Stay unique with our Farm Stay A-Z! Now that we’ve reached the final letter, we thought it was time to bring all 26 elements together…

A is for… Afternoon Tea
The most quintessentially British meal, perfect for special occasions and for when you just feel like treating yourself! Why not partner the delicious scones, cakes and sandwiches with a glass of fizz to really lift the experience!

B is for…Breakfast
The most important meal of the day! And you are assured of a fantastic breakfast at a Farm Stay property...

If it's a B&B, you can sit back and relax while a traditional cooked breakfast is prepared for you in a farmhouse kitchen made with beautifully fresh ingredients (sometimes from the farm itself). You can tuck in while enjoying countryside views and planning the activities for the day ahead.

At self-catering or glamping sites, you make your own breakfast but some Farm Stay hosts will offer the opportunity to buy locally-sourced items including eggs, milk and meat from the farm.

C is for… Cosy Couple’s Breaks
Picture a hot tub, woodburner, a glass or two of bubbly and countryside views… Oh, and your significant other!

Farm Stay properties can offer the perfect romantic surroundings, all over the country. From cosy shepherd's huts to one bedroom cottages, proximity to fantastic walks, pubs and plenty of quiet to enjoy each other's company, some good books and food from local producers.

D is for... Dog Friendly
The countryside is super dog friendly and so many Farm Stay properties also have dog friendly rooms and facilities. Some properties may charge extra for your four legged friends to join you, but many will welcome them like their own pet!

E is for.... Evening Meals
Some would say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we say the evening meal is equally as crucial to a good holiday!

Whether you choose to cook for yourself or let someone else do the hard work, the choice is yours on a Farm Stay holiday. If you're staying in, why not buy local ingredients to cook up something really fresh? And if you're heading out, your hosts will have a range of different recommendations for you to try.

F is for... Family Holiday
Spending time in the countryside affords many opportunities for family activities and creating memories. Farm Stay has properties that have activities on site, such as a games room, animal feeding and tractor rides, but they also offer opportunities for exploring further afield with country parks, beaches and all sorts of attractions on their doorstep.

Family time is the most cherished and precious time together, and a Farm Stay holiday will give you so much time to make lifelong memories.

G is for .... Glamping & Camping
If four solid walls aren't for you on your holiday, then glamping or camping may be just the thing!
Camping can make for a wonderful family holiday, with time spent in the outdoors turning children into adventurers, and campfires giving opportunity to reminisce and create memories.

Glamping is for those who want a halfway house - sleeping under the stars, but perhaps with a proper bed and duvet! Farm Stay has so many options for both camping and glamping, all over the country. You may be surprised at what you can find!

H is for ..... Horses
For those equestrian minded folk amongst you, taking your horse on holiday or being able to ride when you're there is a dream! There's plenty of Farm Stay properties where you can ride horses, have lessons and even encourage your little ones to give it a go!

If you've been inspired by Team GB's Olympic success in equestrian pursuits in the last few years, then have a go yourself on your Farm Stay holiday!

I is for... Interesting People and Places
You don't need to travel too far in the UK to find fascinating histories and myths of extraordinary people. Take King Arthur and his connection with Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, or take a peek inside Merlin's Cave on the beach nearby.

Or what about the beautiful Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye - magic can happen anywhere!

To discover these beautiful places, ask your Farm Stay hosts for a guide and recommendations, and head off to somewhere you've never been before!

"Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment" – Rumi

J is for... Jump in the Pool
Just because we can't go abroad, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a refreshing dip in a pool! Many of our Farm Stay properties have pools for you to jump into a make a big splash; some are indoor, while others are heated outdoor pools, perfect for those early morning swims.

When you're searching for the perfect farm stay on our website you can select swimming pool as an option – you'll be amazed at the wide selection of properties that have them!

K is for.... King Sized Beds
Even when glamping, king sized luxury is available! If you're staying in a B&B or self-catering accommodation, many rooms and properties will have luxurious additions such as king sized beds, rain showers and beautiful local food on arrival for you to enjoy.

L is for... Livestock
One of the best things about staying on a working farm is seeing farming in action. Many of our properties offer farm tours and, during the right season, you can even pitch in with appropriate tasks.

But while on your walks around the countryside, don't forget to respect the livestock and farmers by adhering to the Countryside Code which helps keep everyone safe.

And, did we mention how cute the lambs are?!

M is for... Mental Wellbeing
There's no denying that time spent in nature is good for our mental health, and we all know we should spend more time in the great outdoors.

But why is it so good for us?

Spending a few hours in nature can reduce stress and even lower blood pressure. It can also help you to be more active, which helps stimulate you to relax, boosting your happiness hormones.

So why not book a Farm Stay holiday and enjoy all of the benefits of spending time in the great British countryside. It'll do you good!

N is for... New Things to Discover
There's so much to explore, see and do in the UK, particularly in the countryside. From fascinating history at one of our wonderful castles or stately homes, to nature in the woodlands and meadows. Or perhaps a hands-on experience like bottle feeding a lamb or distilling your own gin is more up your street?

Whatever appeals to you, there's something for every age and interest on a Farm Stay holiday!

O is for... Outdoors
There's no denying the many benefits to be had in spending time outside, from relaxing in your garden to a hike in the countryside.

When you holiday with Farm Stay, you'll have the joys of the great outdoors on your doorstep, ready to enjoy and explore. Your hosts will also know the best places for walks, bike rides and wild swims – just ask!

P is for... Peace and Quiet
Don't we all just want to get away from it all sometimes?

With a Farm Stay holiday you can do exactly that. With many of our properties in Dark Sky areas, you're guaranteed peace, solitude and starry skies. Head off into the countryside and really get back to nature on a walk, all while only hearing nature's sounds around you. Sounds like heaven to us!

Q is for.... Quality Accommodation
Here at Farm Stay, we pride ourselves on checking every property before it comes onto our directory. This means you can trust the quality of wherever you choose to #wakeuptothecountry. From B&Bs and glamping to self catering and camping, there's something for everyone at Farm Stay - all of wonderful quality and comfort!

R is for... Rural Life
We all dream of a quieter life, a slower pace and more time outside. And that's exactly what you'll get on a Farm Stay holiday, a sense of peace.

However, that's only one side of rural life. There's no doubt that it's a steadier pace of life but don't be fooled into thinking it's all easy going! Farmers work incredibly hard every day to ensure we have a wonderful standard of produce coming to our plates.

Keeping the countryside safe and fit for use by the thousands who flock here every year is also a mammoth task. Repairing fences, stiles and keeping footpaths clear is a never ending job to ensure the safety of livestock and people alike.

You can't beat a pint of good English ale in a country pub before heading back to your cosy Farm Stay property, appreciating the beautiful countryside around you – and all the work that goes into it.

S is for... Self-Catering
Self-catering accommodation gives you the best of both worlds: staying away from home but being able to spend time in a #homefromhome, cooking your own food and sleeping in as long as you like!

Self-catering properties often have their own private garden and luxuries such as hot tubs, swimming pools and on-site activities. Suitable activities for all ages mean that self-catering properties are perfect for big family getaways, and you are often able to book more than one unit at a location so all the family can stay away together!

T is for... Time
It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life and to feel there are just not enough hours in the day!

But what about taking a holiday somewhere where you have nothing but time? Time to spend exploring the countryside, a coastline or simply browsing in local shops? Ttime to curl up in front of a fire and make a start on that bestseller you've had on your shelf for months? Time to reconnect, re-engergise and reinvigorate your senses. Farm Stay offers all this, and more.

*and breathe*

U is for... Understanding The Countryside
Spending time in the countryside is a joy and a privilege, and we must remember to respect the land around us.

From following the Countryside Code, sticking to footpaths, ensuring our dogs are well-behaved, and leaving no trace of our visit, to supporting local rural businesses, there are so many ways to look after the countryside. Why not ask your Farm Stay hosts about what goes on on their land and boost your knowledge about farming?

V is for... Views to die for
We don't know about you, but we think there is nothing more glorious than an unspoilt view of the British countryside! Rolling hills, livestock grazing, quaint villages and towns - all surveyed with a mug of tea in hand!

W is for... Watersports
OK, we admit the weather might be getting a little chilly now, but in the warmer months, there's nothing like spending time in or on the waves. With so many Farm Stay properties close to the stunning UK coastline, there's plenty of opportunity to spend time on the water on your farm-based #staycation.

X is for... Xmas
Logs burning on the fire, cosy country pubs, perhaps even going out to a gorgeous restaurant for your Christmas lunch, and then curling up for some good old Christmas TV once the presents are opened!

Many of our Farm Stay properties welcome guests over the festive period, so look now for any last minute availability!

Y is for... Year Round Breaks
The countryside isn’t just a ‘fair weather’ place to visit – our Farm Stay properties offer something new and different to experience and enjoy all year round. Beautiful coastlines, rugged moorland, hills and mountains all offer space to explore and bring a sense of calm, whatever the weather may bring!
And anyway, as the great hillwalker Alfred Wainwright said, “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

Z is for… Zen!

We’ve reached the end of our #farmstayatoz and it’s time to pause and take a deep breath because...

Who doesn’t like to spend some time away from home recharging and reconnecting with loved ones? We’re firm believers in the power of the great outdoors to help you to truly unwind and achieve a Zen is a state of mind. So why not book a break on a farm in the countryside and find your little bit of calm…