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Over the Farm Gate

Go Wild Swimming with Farm Stay!

As we venture into the new year, with some of us prioritising healthier habits, we are thrilled to present a collection of Farm Stay members seamlessly blending tranquillity with invigorating wild swimming opportunities. Wild swimming has become a sought-after pursuit, celebrated for its multifaceted benefits in promoting mental and overall well-being.

Within the embrace of cold waters near these properties, experience not only the thrill of adventure but also a range of health advantages. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters to accelerate post-workout recovery, bid farewell to muscle soreness, and discover a soothing remedy for body pain and inflammation. Strengthen your body's natural defence mechanisms with the revitalising power of wild swimming, as gentle currents stimulate improved circulation and invigorate both body and mind.

Beyond the physical benefits, wild swimming offers a wealth of mental health advantages. Allow the calming waters to wash away anxiety, stress, and depression, providing a natural boost to your mental well-being. Reconnect with nature, feel the revitalising surge of increased alertness, clarity, and energy levels, and experience a release of endorphins, those delightful happy hormones that elevate your mood with each refreshing dip.

Each swim becomes a triumph, fostering a sense of accomplishment and willpower, while the shared experience creates a genuine sense of community. Join us on this blog series as we shine a spotlight on Farm Stay members that not only offer a cosy retreat but also encourage you to immerse yourself in the transformative benefits of wild swimming. Dive into a world where the therapeutic embrace of nature meets the invigorating thrill of cold water adventures—your next rejuvenating escape awaits!

South Newlands Farm Cottages, York - a family friendly, wheelchair accessibly group of self-catering properties close to the historic city of York.

Butterwell Farm, Cornwall - the ultimate rural retreat, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there's plenty of wild swimming spots to discover along the Cornish coast.

Millmoor Farm, Cheshire - bring the whole family to this Cheshire farm stay, that can sleep 28 guests in its 6 self-catering properties on a working farm.

Mosedale End Farm, Cumbria - In the heart of the Lake District, you'll find this B&B and Glamping farm stay property, in the middle of inspiring and peaceful scenery.

Arbor Holiday and Knightcote Farm Cottages, Warwickshire - Shakespeare's county is a much underrated rural retreat, but with wild swimming in rivers virtually on the doorstep of this self-catering property, you'll soon be back for more! 

Hoe Grange Holidays, Derbyshire - after a day exploring the Peak District, whether you're on foot or taking a refreshing dip, you'll be pleased to return to this ever popular farm stay and a welcoming hot tub! 

Betley Court Farm Cottages, Cheshire - These ultra modern self-catering cottages are an oasis from the hustle and bustle, the perfect sanctuary in which to recover after a cold water swim! 

Gill Brow Farm Cottage, Cumbria - You're really in the heart of Wordsworth country here at this traditional self-catering Lake District cottage and with wild swimming opportunities aplenty, you'll want a home from home to warm up in!