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You can now take a farm holiday to Greater Manchester with Farm Stay.  Yes, Manchester and farm in the same sentence- remember that Greater Manchester is the county and Manchester is the city.  These are not to be confused with one another.  Start planning your B&B farm break to the county today.

Farm Stay offers a wide range of B&B accommodation on farms throughout Greater Manchester.  The available properties range from bed and breakfast cottages and farm houses to a number of self-catering and camping sites.

One of the many things that visitors to the area should do on their B&B break is explore the history and culture of Greater Manchester.  Be warned, there is plenty to be explored so it could take up more of your day than expected so plan your days wisely to cram everything in!

There are many museums, galleries and listed buildings to be seen across Greater Manchester.  With the county being relatively large, it would be ideal to decide the location of your B&B accommodation based on the places you will be interested to visit.  The countryside has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful sceneries, designated footpaths for country walks, yet you can still pop into the city of Manchester for some shopping and buy gifts as lasting memories of your B&B stay in Greater Manchester.

So, if a farm holiday in Greater Manchester is what you are looking for, book your B&B farmhouse today.  Search the range of properties available with Farm Stay.

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