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Arran B&B's on a Farm


Visit the Southern Isle of Arran for a farm holiday.  Whether you are travelling across Scotland or just hoping to have a relaxed break on a B&B farm, Arran is the location for you!

Farm Stay offers a wide range of B&B accommodation on farms throughout Scotland.  The available properties range from bed and breakfast cottages and farm houses to a number of self-catering and camping sites.

If you book your trip with Farm Stay we can help you to find suitable B&B properties near to the areas you wish to visit, whether that is in Arran itself or nearby to the Isle.

There are various spots on the Isle where you can enjoy evening meals, admire the beautiful landscape, and take relaxing strolls along the countryside.  Arran is a stunning part of Scotland which really must be explored along your travels.  A farm holiday in the county will most certainly be enjoyable and relaxing for visitors of all ages and interests.

So, if a B&B farmhouse is what you are looking for in Arran then search the range of B&B properties available with Farm Stay.

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For: Scotland

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