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Bird Watching Wales

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Bird Watching in Wales

When holidaying in the U.K. few places can beat the natural beauty of the Welsh valleys and hills.  This landscape harbours much wildlife, and many of the nations most unique birds can be found here.

Wales is often described as a land of peaks. Although primarily upland, some 60% lies above the 500 foot (150m) contour.  The undulating landscapes of the hills and valleys create sheltered havens for all kinds of birds across the Welsh mainland.

The principal bird of Wales is undoubtedly the Red Kite.  For many years the only birds of their kind in Great Britain could be found in a few remote valleys.  The species benefited from a huge conservation effort, and now those efforts have been well rewarded.  Today Red Kites can be seen circling above much of the Welsh heartland.

Many of the inland valleys often feature other speciality birds such as Redstarts, Wood Warblers, Pied Flycatchers and Ravens.  On many streams and rivers Goosanders, Kingfishers, Grey Wagtails and Dippers can be seen while Little Ringed Plovers nest on some gravel banks.

Many Farm Stay properties in Wales feature wildlife hides either on their land or very close by.  Take a look below and discover your perfect bird watching holiday in Wales today.

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