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Holiday in North Wales

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North Wales Coast & Borderlands

A farm holiday to the Coast and Borderlands in Wales with Farm Stay will surely be a memorable treat.  You can arrange your B&B or self catering accommodation beforehand, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy your holiday. 

North Wales Wake up to the country with Farm Stay and our range of accommodation on farms and country properties throughout North Wales.  The available properties range from B&B cottages and farm houses to self-catering units.

North Wales Coast and Borderlands will leave you with lasting memories of your farm holiday.  During your stay you can visit the local castles, historical buildings which will help you understand the history of the area and also indulge in the local delicacies on offer.  Travel to the local villages and take in the Welsh culture, with a welcoming community you will find it hard to head home once your farm break comes to an end.

You can take beautiful walks along the coastline and open countryside whilst staying in the North Wales Coast and Borderlands. The open spaces will help you relax and to appreciate the natural beauty of Wales.

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For: Gwynedd

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