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Bath Self Catering Cottages

Head to Bath with Farm Stay and experience a self catering break to one of the most popular locations for tourists in the country.

Farm Stay offers a wide range of self catering accommodation on farms throughout Bath. The available properties range from bed and breakfast cottages and farmhouses to a number of self catering and camping sites.

The most popular place to visit in Bath is quite obvious - it's in the name! Yes, the Roman Baths are the main attraction which bring tourists from all corners of the country to the Somerset County. There are many baths that were built by the Romans still intact and they are visited all year round by anyone interested in seeing them.

The history and heritage of Bath is like no other place you have previously visited, and there is much more than the history of the Roman Empire to be seen during your stay in a self catering farm property.

If you are interested in the architecture of buildings, then there is plenty of that to be admired in Bath. There are also peaceful areas where you can take a nice walk or just block out the stress of everyday life and absorb the tranquility of Bath.

For a sense of history, culture and appreciation of a beautiful setting, prepare yourself for a enjoyable retreat to Bath. If a self catering farmhouse is the accommodation you would like for the duration of your stay in Bath, then search the range of self catering properties available with Farm Stay.

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