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If you stay on a working farm for your family holiday, then meeting and even feeding the animals can be one of the star attractions!

Meet the farm animals

From babies to grown-ups, staying in the countryside among fields and pastures can be idyllic and seeing the animals is something everyone enjoys and remembers.

Cows and sheep happily munch and graze in the lush meadows for most of the year; however, they will also stay undercover in barns and byres at certain times of the farming calendar. Ask the farmer if you can watch the animals at feeding time.

Goats, ducks, hens, turkeys, pigs, llamas and horses can also be part of the farming family and they will need regular snacks and nibbles.

Collect your own eggs for breakfast

Farms also have a number of feathered friends to feed.

For younger kids especially, bonding with animals is one of their early years experiences which can be positive, fascinating and educational.

Collecting eggs for breakfast is one of those memories that will last a lifetime – there is no better way of introducing children to where their food comes from.


Agricultural education

Feeding the animals is an education for everyone – no matter their age. Learning what to feed them (and not to feed them) is invaluable with hay, grains, fresh vegetables and other tasty goodies on the menu.

Being part of this important job on a working farm gives an inspiring insight into the hard work of our farming community.

Giving farm animals their breakfast or evening meals is great fun too! Watch the hens peck about; watch the pigs snuffle for their food; and see the cows enjoy their tasty food with their long tongues!

Farmers take great pride in caring for their livestock helping their cows, sheep and pigs remain healthy.  They also look after lambs, calves and piglets from birth. Most young animals will suckle from mum from the very start but sometimes the farmer needs to lend a helping hand with a feeding bottle.

If it’s springtime, why not see if the famer needs a helping hand feeding the Cade lambs?

Farming family fun all year round

Farmers grow food for their animals on their land too.

The golden fields of later summer provide crops for humans and also food for the farmer’s flocks, herds and droves.

The farming year is fascinating and feeding time is something that happens every day, 365 days a year – yes, even on Christmas Day!

If you stay on a farm, ask the farmer about feeding time and see if you can take part in this wonderful experience.


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