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Bed & Breakfast Properties for Walking Holidays

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Bed & Breakfast Properties for Walking Holidays

Stay in a countryside Bed and Breakfast property, and use it as your base to explore the beautiful valleys, flowing coastal paths or the glorious mountain peaks of Britain's countryside.  Get away from the hum-drum of the city and experience air as sweet and fresh as you'll ever taste. 

View of rolling green hills and fields   Foot bridge over the river in Glen Rosa Arran

Wake up to misty moors, flowing hills, and the smell of morning dew. Then go out and explore natures beauty, a few strides from your doorstep.

A hearty breakfast is essential to a day out walking and exploring the countryside, and you can be sure to find only the best of British produce laid on your plate. Many of our hosts will use their own farms to provide the food on your plate so you can be sure of local quality and freshness!

Walking on Simonside Hill  

Your host will have an intimate knowledge of the local area and can advise you on very special highlights to your visit; such as special views or rare animal or bird habitats to scope out. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to snap a photo!

So stretch those legs on a walking holiday with Farm Stay