Tissington Well Dressings

Well dressing is an ancient tradition reknown in Derbyshire. Tissington has one of the most spectacular displays with 7 wells around the village ornately decorated with colourful flowers.  
well dressings
The well dressings in Tissington start on Ascension Day which is Thursday 10th May this year and go on for six days. 

It's not just a traditional thanksgiving for the pure clear water, but a fabulous event which brings the whole village community together. Everyone, young and old, contributes in some way to this annual celebration, digging clay, picking flowers, decorating the boards or putting the dressings at the wells throughout the village.

Each of the wells is decorated with a surrounding picture made from a board covered with a clay/salt mix.  You will see the huge boards floating in the village pond to soak them through several weeks prior to the well dressings. The boards are then plastered and the design is traced onto them.
Hands well
It's an enormous task  starting with cones and coffee beans to outline the design. The picture is then filled in with brightly coloured flower petals, twigs, wool, feathers, stones and natural materials. This is done during the previous three days to Ascension Day. Each year there is a different theme, I wonder what it will be this year? 

If you’re visiting the Peak District this weekend stop off to wander round the village and see the beautiful well dressings for yourself. A quirky but fascinating tradition that is “well” worth a visit!