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Seven tips to Spread the Cost of Your UK Holiday

Everything seems to be increasing in price these days, from your petrol to the weekly shop. Going away as a family can also be an investment, but we’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to help spread the cost and even reduce it ahead of the summer holidays.

1 – Book direct with your host

When planning your holiday in the UK, always try to book directly with your host. By booking through platforms like Farm Stay, you ensure that there are no hidden fees on either side; which means your host does not have to pay for your booking and therefore, you get a better deal.

Plus, by booking directly, you are in contact with your host should there be an issue or you need a recommendation for a good local pub to go and spend your hard saved cash, supporting the local and rural economy. It’s win-win!

2 – Spread the cost by paying in installments

If you need to spread the cost a bit further though, look for hosts who use booking engines that allow you to pay in installments.

Booking software like Super Control allows you to pay monthly ahead of your holidays. This can help manage your budget by spreading out the cost over several months instead of paying one lump sum. As Farm Stay encourages you to book direct, a lot of our members use booking systems such as this.

Alternatively, as you will be booking directly, speak to your host! They may be able to help.

3 – Set a budget and plan ahead

A little planning can go a long way when you are trying to save money.

As most holidays in the UK are not all-inclusive, you also need to think about spending money but a little bit of budgeting and planning means that you can make all the difference.

By choosing a self-catering holiday, you can set a realistic budget and look at saving money by meal planning in advance and arranging a supermarket food delivery to your accommodation. Your hosts will be happy to help if the food arrives before you…

Then you can plan a few days out, meals out and all-important ice creams within budget, so that you are not having to splash out on unexpected meals or days out.

Additionally, pre-booking attractions and activities might not save you hundreds, but every little bit helps. Look for deals and discounts online before you go, and make the most of any savings opportunities available.

4 – Pack a picnic

With meal planning in mind, take advantage of the beautiful UK countryside by packing a picnic. Load up with sandwiches, fruit, and snacks, and head out for a meal on-the-go. 

Combine this with some outdoor games and exploration, and you’ve got a family-friendly afternoon that’s easy on the wallet. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors without spending much.

5 – Choose accommodation with onsite activities

Opt for accommodation that offers a variety of onsite activities. Working farms are great options, often providing farm tours, animal feeding activities, and leisure facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and games rooms. These activities can keep your family entertained without the need for additional spending on external attractions, making your stay both fun and economical. Browse our family friendly properties here

6 – Book with a group in a large house

Consider planning a holiday with friends or extended family and booking a large house. When you divide the cost of the accommodation per head, or per couple, it can often work out much cheaper than smaller, individual bookings. Farm Stay members offer some fantastic large house or multiple-house options perfect for group stays, ensuring everyone gets the benefit of a cost-effective holiday without sacrificing comfort - check them out here.

7 – Ask your hosts for local tips

Your hosts are a valuable resource for local knowledge. Before you arrive, ask if they have any vouchers for local attractions or tips on things to do in the area. They often know their surroundings inside out and might recommend lesser-known, but fantastic activities that are more affordable than the typical tourist spots. This can enhance your holiday experience without breaking the bank.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a memorable and affordable UK staycation. Start planning your holiday now and explore the wide range of accommodations available through Farm Stay. Happy travels!