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Bed and Breakfast in Derbyshire

Visit the Midlands county of Derbyshire for a farm holiday experience like no other!

Farm Stay offers a wide range of B&B accommodation on farms throughout Derbyshire. The available properties range from bed and breakfast cottages and farm houses to a number of self-catering and camping sites.

A farm holiday to Derbyshire offers a tranquil setting and plenty of countryside to appreciate. A bed and breakfast break in the Midlands county involves visiting local museums and the locations where the popular TV show Peak Practice was filmed.

If you enjoy taking long walks, then this is the ideal B&B holiday for you. The Peak District attracts many visitors throughout the year. With the opportunity to trek through the National Park, camp on site or walk along the greenery admiring the scenery, there is surely plenty to be done.

The scenery of Derbyshire is a nice location for a quiet retreat to the secluded countryside. There is also a central shopping area in the larger towns of you want to have a quick shop or browse during your visit.

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