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Self Catering Weekend Breaks in Lincolnshire

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Self Catering Weekend Breaks in Lincolnshire

If you only have chance for a weekend break, why not choose the idyllic County of Lincolnshire for your next self-catering getaway. With Lincolnshire properties coming in all shapes and sizes you’ll be sure to find something that perfectly suits your needs. Lincolnshire is a diverse county, with historic towns and cities to explore, meandering rivers to walk along and nostalgic seaside towns to enjoy.
Elms Farm  Cozy room
So why choose a self-catering break in Lincolnshire for your next weekend away? Well a Farm Stay self-catering property has all the comforts of home but without any of the hassle. What could be a better than to spend a weekend that in an attractive Farm Stay property, with roaring fire to cuddle up in front of. You have the peace and quiet that you just don’t get from any other sort of holiday and the privacy of your own space. Unlike bed and breakfast accommodation you can set you own hours, have a lie in if you fancy and not worry about set meal times. Rural Roosts - sunset One of the benefits of self-catering is the cooking facilities. Want to show off your amazing cooking skills (or are a gifted amateur) then Lincolnshire has some of the best produce to cook up a culinary treat with. Many farms and garden centers now stock local produce, including meats, breads, cheeses and locally brewed beers, wines and spirits.
Why not take full advantage of the County during your stay and indulge in some of these local foodstuffs. Weekends are also the perfect time to take in a farmer’s market where the best of local produce will be on show. Check with the local media, your farm stay host or the internet for more details. Don’t fancy cooking on your weekend away? Why not find a delicious meal in one of Lincolnshire top class restaurants, with even the smallest village usually boasting a local pub doing a delicious Sunday lunch. Your Farm Stay host should be able to point you in the right direction.

So why not choose Farm stay self-catering accommodation for your next weekend break?

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