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Child Friendly B&B Holidays in Nottinghamshire

What makes an amazing family holiday? Knowing you can spend some quality time together! Get away from the rigors of everyday life and enjoy a fabulous holiday in the countryside where you can truly unwind with your family. Farm Stay B&B accommodation in Nottinghamshire offers comfy beds or cots to suit all ages and caters for the whole family.

The Mews
Breakfast is always a treat at one of our stunning Farm Stay properties and is sure to cater to even the fussiest of young eaters. Breakfast usually come one of two ways, continental style or full English. A continental style breakfast is similar to a regular breakfast that your child will be used to at home, consisting of cereals, bread and orange juice. However for a real treat you can’t beat the quintessential full English that consists of sausage, egg, beans and bacon. What’s not to like! 

Make your Farm Stay accommodation part of the holiday by introducing your child to the exciting wonders of a working farm. Seeing cows, sheep and other animals up close and in a friendly and safe environment gives your child a unique experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives, not to mention the immense machines that will be of great interest to young minds. Not only during the day but at night Nottinghamshire Farm Stay locations offer some excellent star gazing opportunities that will wow your child with the wonder of the heavens and perhaps awaken an interest in astronomy. For those used to city living seeing the sheer numbers of stars on a clear night will be fascinating for all members of the family, whatever the age.
No matter where you go in Nottinghamshire you and your children are bound to receive a warm welcome. With lots of things to see and do and many areas offering child friendly activities. Explore the greenwood, and have adventures climbing undisturbed though the ancient Sherwood Forest. You’ll make memories, enjoy each other’s company and have adventures to last a lifetime. If a more formal experience is required, or you’d like your childRed Rood - Trees to learn something about the local area then Newark civil war museum is particularly well set up to welcome children. It’s interactive exhibits and hands on approach makes history come to life. You’ll get a real feel for this turbulent period of history and perhaps ignite a passion for learning in your child. If you are in Nottingham the castle itself is a day out to explore, and the Robin Hood experience not to be missed.  Equally fun days can be spent making great memories visiting one of the several Farm or Nature Parks scatterred throughout the Nottinghamshire countryside.

So why not bring the whole family along on your next Farm Stay adventure.  Should you decide the B&B is not quite your thing, simply click here to view our selection of Self Catering accommodation available in Nottinghamshire.

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