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Why Cumbria

Home to England’s largest national park, its tallest mountain and its largest natural lake, Cumbria is certainly a county to be seen as well as heard.

Overall, there are more than 16’000 monuments, listed buildings and conservation areas here.

There are plenty of ways to see everything too, with guided tours on offer for those hoping to get a full look at what’s on offer, though seeing everything might take a few trips!

There are around 400 towns and villages in Cumbria; from the cosmopolitan city of Carlisle to the effortlessly pretty towns of Penrith and Appleby in the Eden Valley, there is no shortage of wonderful places to be.

An upland, coastal and rural area, Cumbria is a growing assortment of hikes, water-sports and cosy retreats. The activities are as endless as the sights, as is the variety. Make your way to the top of a mountain, and take in the breath-taking views.

Sunrise from Scafell Pike is an experience that nobody should miss. Alternatively, visit any of the wonderful lakes that call this county home, and engage in water sports a-plenty.

Wakeboarding, windsurfing and refreshing lake swims are bountiful opportunities, and leaving the Lakes without entertaining one of these options would be a great shame.

Be sure to spend some time in Cumbria, and make the best of it using FarmStay.

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