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Glamping in Edinburgh and The Lothians

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Glamping in Edinburgh and The Lothians

To escape from the busy city life, take a farm holiday to Edinburgh and The Lothians.  A glamping holiday allows you to visit the coast and countryside, relaxing and taking some time out from your hectic lifestyle.

There are so many great ways to experience the sights of the countryside and the options extend beyond the traditional accommodation. Holidays are about new experiences and family fun that create lasting memories. So why not try glamping for that something different.

Farm Stay offers a range accommodation on farms throughout Edinburgh and The Lothians. The available properties range from bed and breakfast cottages and farm houses to a number of self-catering and glamping.

Take long walks in the peaceful surroundings and settling down for a picnic. With vasts amount of countryside and areas of beautiful scenery to be admired, this could be the farm break you've always needed.

Edinburgh Castle and other listed buildings deserve a visit, and the history behind many places is always interesting to find out about during your holiday.

If a glamping farmhouse in Edinburgh and The Lothians is what you are looking for then search the properties available with Farm Stay.

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