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English Heritage - Places to Visit in Dorset

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English Heritage - Places to Visit in Dorset

Dorset has a variety of historical English Heritage sites to explore while you stay at our Farm Stay accommodation. From neolithic stone circles, extensive Iron Age forts, Roman temples and medieval castles, Dorset has it all!

Maiden Castle
Dorchester The largest of Iron Age hillfort in Europe, Maiden Castle’s huge multiple ramparts enclose an area the size of 50 football pitches.
Abbotsbury Abbey Remains
Part of a monastic building, perhaps the abbot’s lodging, of Benedictine Abbotsbury Abbey, Henry VIII ordered its destruction during the Dissolution in 1538. 

St Catherine's Chapel
Set on a hill overlooking the beautiful  village of Abbotsbury, this 14th-century chapel was built by monks as a place of pilgrimage and retreat.
Portland Castle

Built by Henry VIII to defend England, the Castle also played a part in World War I and II. Inside boasts a Tudor kitchen, Great Hall, gardens, sea views and tearooms.

Sherborne Old Castle
Built on a grand scale in the 12th century by the Bishop of Salisbury, Sherborne was coveted by churchmen and noblemen alike giving it a long, chequered history. 

Knowlton Church Earth Works
The siting of this ruined medieval church at the centre of a Neolithic ritual henge earthwork symbolises the transition from pagan to Christian worship and creates an atmospheric scene.

So why not build your stay in Dorset around visiting the many English Heritage Sites dotted throughout the County.

There are so many places to visit when staying on a Dorset farm. To search for your perfect Dorset Farm Stay B&B or Self Catering Cottage please use the search links on the left of this page with ‘Dorset’ as your destination.

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