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Glamping In Somerset

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Glamping in Somerset

The slow rolling hills of the Somerset countryside are the perfect backdrop for your glamping experience.  Some of the most picturesque landscape in the entirety of the country can be found here.

Take a trip to the low lying wetlands of the Somerset levels, where you can see the otters, or kingfishers taking flight.  Or perhaps to the old Cheddar Gorge crags, where the soft limestone rock has given way to intricate and beautiful cave systems.

The people of Somerset have imbued their cities with as much beauty as their county.  The ancient Roman structures of Bath are complemented by Georgian architecture that competes for your attention.  Across the county Wells cathedral stands proud and majestic, with sweeping interior arches that seem to defy the stone masonry they are built from.

So much to do and explore, and all better experienced by getting closer to nature, but not so close that you lose your home comforts.  You will find that glamping is the ultimate way to experience this ancient land.

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