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Dark Skies in Shropshire

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Dark Skies in Shropshire

Shropshire is the largest inland county in England with no motorways or large built up areas; with the exception of the M54 in the far East. Making it a perfect place to visit for Dark Skies.

On a clear night it is possible to see such a depth of stars that visitors say it is how they remember the night sky from their childhood. 

Farmstay offers a range of accomodation in Shropshire including Bed & Breakfasts in charming farmhouses and Charming Self Catering Cottages to suit all.

Visit the breathtaking scenery Shropshire has to offer during the day and at night, return back for an evening gazing at stars enjoying the peace and quiet.

The perfect retreat for you and your loved ones. Children, friends and spouse alike. Watching the stars is a timeless acitivity everyone enjoys.

Dark Skies

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