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Glamorgan Heritage Coastal Path

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Glamorgan Heritage Coastal Path

Southern Wales Coast Family Friendly, Great Outdoors

 The Glamorgan Heritage Coast features dramatic cliffs, amazing rock formations, secluded romantic coves,all backed by rolling countryside. Due to its treacherous nature the coast was once famous for wrecks and smugglers. The unique characteristics and conditions of the seashore have resulted in a coastline that is home to a vast array of species, while it is also a real draw for bird-watchers who can look out for Bar-Tailed Godwits, Choughs, Fulmars and Peregrine Falcons.

One of the best ways to explore the area, especially its most remote parts is by walking. Along the route you will discover:

  • Lavernock Point where Marconi received the first message in Morse code tapped out from Flat Holm island in the Bristol Channel
  • Nash Point Lighthouse, the last manned Lighthouse in Wales where tours are offered.
  • the ruins of Ogmore Castle, idyllically situated beside the River Ewenny
  • One of the most fascinating landscapes in the U.K. , Merthyr Mawr Warren. The sand dunes are the biggest in Europe


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