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Hadrians Wall

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Hadrians Wall

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Hadrian's Wall Country

The emperor Hadrian visited Britain in 122AD when he found ‘the Britons could not be kept under Roman control’, a remark which suggests that some of the northern tribes were proving difficult. Hadrian’s predecessor, Trajan, had worked to expand the empire; Hadrian felt this had stretched resources too far and decided ‘to build a wall, 80 [Roman] miles long, to separate the Romans from the barbarians’ of the North.

Hadrian’s Wall Country is now a UNESCO inscribed World Heritage Site, and is Britain’s greatest ancient monument and largest Roman tourist attraction within a destination filled with 2000 years of history and heritage. There were once over 30 forts on the Frontier - not to mention around 80 milecastles and 160 turrets, a ditch to the north and the great defensive Vallum earthwork to the south, much of which remain visible today.


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Hadrians Wal
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