Lincoln Steampunk Festival 23rd-26th August

If you fancy doing something really different and exciting during your Farmstay holiday why not visit the steampunk festival in the historic city of Lincoln. If you’re already a steampunk aficionado, you’ll be familiar with this exciting new phenomenon. But for the unfamiliar steam punk is all about dressing up and becoming someone different for a few hours. Similar to the ubiquitous Goth tradition- which features black, leather and vampire mythology, steam punk takes inspiration from the Wild West, science fiction and fantasy. Costumes range from an idealised Victorian England to the futuristic Wild West where steam technology has become the norm as opposed to modern technology. Steampunk has no set guidelines, but lots of ruffles, corsets and waist coats are the order of the day. Your imagination is really the limit when it comes to how fabulous you want your costume to be, allowing the participant to create intricate designs that combines historical clothing and vintage items to fully enjoy the juxtaposition between retro and future. Even if you don’t fancy dressing up it’s possible to just go and marvel at the time and effort others put into these intricate costume design.

The setting for this festival is the exciting, gorgeous and picturesque city of Lincoln. With its stunning castle, mighty cathedral and unique medieval ethos make this the perfect setting for this festival.  With many of our properties within a short drive of this stunning city why not make your weekend complete and stay in a Farmstay property in Lincolnshire.