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Glasgow Self Catering

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Glasgow Self Catering

Travel to the largest city in Scotland for a self catering farm holiday.

A self catering break to Glasgow is more than just any ordinary farm holiday, book now with Farm Stay and see what all the fuss is about.

Farm Stay offers a range of accommodation on farms throughout Glasgow. The available properties range from bed and breakfast cottages and farm houses to a number of self-catering and camping sites.

Glasgow has a lot of history and culture which the Scottish locals are very proud to be a part of and tell visitors about. During your self catering break in Glasgow, get involved with the Scottish culture by indulging in the local delicacies and visiting museums to understand the heritage of Glasgow.

Try to fit in a shopping trip to the town centre before checking out of your self catering farm, but if you prefer to avoid the city and remain in the peaceful countryside then perhaps take a walk along the beautiful scenery or visit a castle before you leave.

If this sounds like the holiday for your family, start planning your self catering trip to Glasgow.

Search the Farm Stay website for the range of self catering properties.

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