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Tissington Hall

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Tissington Hall

DE6 1RA Just for Two, Family Friendly, Historic Britain

Tissington Hall

Tissington Hall was built in 1609 by Francis FitzHerbert to replace the moated fortification that guarded the Norman Church that straddles the hill in the centre of the village. For over 400 years now the Hall has presided over the picturesque Estate Village at the south of the Peak District and only 4 miles north of the market town of Ashbourne.

Tissington Well Dressing

The origins of Well Dressing are lost in antiquity. They may even have their roots in pagan customs later given a Christian meaning. One theory says that the custom began just after the Black Death of 1348-9. Although the population round about was ravaged by plague, in Tissington all escaped, and the immunity was ascribed to the purity of the water supply. It became the custom to decorate the wells in thanksgiving.

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