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Fishing holidays in Nottinghamshire

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Fishing Holidays in Nottinghamshire

When looking for a Fishing break it can be difficult to find a good location. The issues and choices you face are immense. For instance, do you prefer lake or river fishing? And just where can you find great opportunities for the peace and quiet that a serious angler needs whilst retaining the comfort of home. The landlocked country of Nottinghamshire provides some excellent Fishing opportunity for Anglers of all standards.  Without the challenge of salt water, the county often gets overlooked by anglers looking for a varied fishing experience. Well, take the bait and let Farm Stay Nottinghamshire find you the perfect location for your fishing break. You’ll be hooked!

Oxton Hill - Fishing lake
Farm Stay Nottinghamshire offers fantastic Self-Catering accommodation. Self-catering accommodation is perfect for getting the peace and quiet you really need. So why not get away from the hectic and stressful modern world, and get some really serious fishing done. We know it’s what you’re angling for. Another advantage of the Farm Stay properties is that we offer a return to the idyllic countryside, with warm, comfy beds, roaring fires in the wintertime and spectacular sunsets in those warm hazy evenings of late summer. Nottinghamshire has some spectacular starscapes, so be ready to make the most of the opportunity of your rural Farm Stay escape, far away from light pollution to appreciate the cosmos and marvel at the universe.

One of the major benefits of Self-Catering accommodation over the more traditional hotel stay is that you are not tied into meal times and can come and go as you please. After taking advantage of an early morning fish, why not go into one of the many lovely pubs and eateries and enjoy some spectacular local food. Or if you’re feeling really adventuress Nottingham itself is famous as a foodie city, with some top class restaurants catering to all tastes and styles.

If self-catering isn’t for you why not choose a Bed and Breakfast. For those cold and misty morning adventures down by the river nothing can prepare you better than a Farm Stay breakfast. For those not familiar with the breakfasts offered at Farm Stay accommodation this usually consists of either a continental breakfast or full English. If you’re really lucky you get a combination of the two which will see even the most serious angler, set up right for whatever your day will bring. Nottingham is famous for its local produce so a tasty breakfast is bound to be in store at a Farm Stay property.

The Mews - Fishing lake
Nottinghamshire fishing sites include the famously long and meandering Trent, where a serious angler can catch one of thirty five species, with some of the most common being roach, carp, breen and the occasional vicious pike. The river in many places is pleasantly smooth, with attractive green banks and the only likely disruption of your privacy is when a passing canal boat or pleasure craft ripples the water

Please check with your host as to whether local fishing permits are required for your chosen location.

And while the serious angler focusses on their Fishing break,  Nottinghamshire offers some great alternatives for any none angling travelling companions. One alternative, close to the river Trent, is the city of Newark. Newark has a long history, dating back to Roman times due to its strategic location on the river Trent. The ruins of Newark castle are very picturesque and give a real and tactile quality to the city’s history. The civil war museum and town trail are also well worth a visit. The modern city itself offers a good shopping centre, with a diverse range of independent shops. There is a large collection of pubs, cafes and restaurants to suite even the most discerning palate. Nottinghamshire also boosts plenty of National Trust properties and stunning open Gardens as well as of course, the worls famous Sherwood Forest where visitors have 450 acres to explore the history of Robin Hood and hie Merry Men!

So why not book your next Farm Stay fishing break in Nottinghamshire. You’ll be hooked, line and sinker.Take a look at our Nottinghamshire accommodation below offering Fishing on site or close by......

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