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Welcome to Cheshire

Famous rich agriculture and historic towns

We offer a huge variety of high quality and luxury accommodation; self catering farm cottages and homely farmhouse B&Bs.

Welcoming hospitality with exceptional award winning breakfasts using homemade and locally sourced produce wherever possible. We are proud of our extensive local knowledge which ensures your visit, however long or short, is unforgettable.
Cotton Farm, Cheshire
Cheshire is famous for its rich agriculture, historic towns and abundant heritage, it has a vibrant economy with thriving industries. Cheshire’s early industrial heritage includes giant cotton spinning looms, powered be country streams where luxurious silk cloth was produced for sale across the world.

Cheshire has more waterways than any other English county, during the 19th century, local ingenuity enabled the transport of goods to and from the area, by water. Discover more about the fascinating history of their canals and of those who lived and sailed on them.

Today Cheshire is famed for the affluent lifestyles of many of its residents. Footballers, musicians and businessmen boasting beautiful homes in their leafy suburbs. You can experience something of the sumptuous style enjoyed in the past by the county's aristocracy and entrepreneurs, simply by visiting the magnificent historic houses, large and small dating from the 19th and 18th centuries all the way to Tudor times, that adorn the countryside.

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