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A whale of a time

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For: East Yorkshire

A Whale of a Time

Did you know you can go whale watching in Yorkshire?
August to October sees the annual gathering of herring and mackerel along the North and East Yorkshire coastline, bringing in magnificent marine mammals including the minke whale.

Lucky viewers may spot these 5 tonne, 30ft creatures from the cliffs above, or venture to Whitby for a dedicated boat trip and get eye-to-eye above the waves. Seals, porpoises and dolphins also head in to make the most of the bounty, whilst secretive porpoises can be hardest to spot.

In particularly good years (of which 2014 was one) additional, much larger whale species can join the regular cast of minkes, including Sei whales, humpbacks and even 70ft long fin whales – second only to the world’s largest, the blue whale. Be sure to book early for this amazing spectacle.

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For: East Yorkshire

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