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Wiltshire Crop Circles

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Wiltshire Crop Circles - B&B and Holiday Cottages

Wiltshire is well known for its annual appearance of mysterious crop circles throughout the county, particularly near cultural monuments such as Stonehenge or Avebury.

Stay in a rural B&B or holiday cottage in Wiltshire during the summer months and you will often see, from the road evidence of crop circles. Usually created overnight, although some have appeared during the day, they are an annual fixture in the Wiltshire countryside calendar.
Whether you consider them to be a hoax or caused by natural phenomena or paranormal activity, the complexity of the patterns and the speed at which they appear has been widely debated.

Visitors wishing to view the crop circles are requested:

• To seek permission from Landowners at all times before entering private property.
• To always use gates or stiles to enter fields – please do not climb over fences.
• To close gates after passing through them.
• Not to take vehicles into fields and ensure vehicles do not block landowners access points.
• Where possible use ‘tramlines’ (where farmer’s tractors have cleared a path) to enter crop circles so causing as little damage as possible to standing crops.

So book your holiday accommodation in a B&B or holiday cottage and if you are really lucky you may even be staying on a farm where a crop circle has appeared.

If you would like to find out more about Wiltshire farm accommodation, please use the search links on the left of this page with "Wiltshire" as your destination.

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