British Lamb Week 2016

Farm Stay is happy to be supporting British Lamb Week from 1st-7th September 2016.

Running again for the second year, Love Lamb Week is a great way to support British agriculture and local lamb produce by encouraging everyone to cook with this delicious, tasty meat.

Run by farmers and innovated by Rachel Lumley, in 2015 British Lamb Week gathered lots of support across Britain as it was endorsed by the media and even top chefs including Jak O’Donnell, Jean Christophe Novelli and The Incredible Spicemen – Tony Singh and Cyrus Todiwala! This year there are plans to make the campaign even more interesting and generate wider support so that the demand for home produced lamb increases even further and consumers have a wider understanding of how the sheep production system works.

Love Lamb Week is also the start of ADHB’s lamb keema campaign which will introduce keema lamb mince to consumers, encourage people to develop a new taste for keema and encourage cooking with higher quality cuts of lamb.

Everyone in the sheep and broader industry are encouraged to get involved with this on social media by promoting British Lamb week by using the hashtag #LoveLambWeek.