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Rural traditions to enjoy on a Farm Stay holiday

17 Jan 2022

Many of our guests enjoy their holidays in the countryside because it enables to them to get a feel for rural life – and, depending on when they visit, local customs too. In the season of wassailing and Plough Monday, we thought we’d explore some... Read more

Farm Stay Winter Fun

20 Dec 2021

Missing your winter adrenalin sports because travel abroad has been so uncertain? Fret not, Farm Stay may have an exciting alternative here for you in the UK. We can offer you skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, downhill mountain biking, thrilling... Read more

Let’s go lambing on a Farm Stay break

20 Dec 2021

Farm Stay holidays offer families the opportunity to find out what goes on beyond the farm gate and see for themselves how farmers take care of their animals. And if you’ve ever been on a walk in the country in the spring you’re likely to have... Read more

The A-Z of Farm Stay

24 Nov 2021

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring what makes Farm Stay unique with our Farm Stay A-Z! Now that we’ve reached the final letter, we thought it was time to bring all 26 elements together… A is for… Afternoon Tea The most... Read more

Book yourself a Farm Stay Family Christmas

05 Nov 2021

Families are relishing the opportunity to spend Christmas together again after the cancellation of last year’s festive get togethers due to Covid-19. So this year should be a Christmas to remember, for all sorts of reasons, but why not make it even... Read more