Christmas Markets for Farm Stay Fans

Well it’s that time of year again where the playing of Christmas songs will increase steadily over the next month and the season will creep in. If you are a Christmas fan and this year quite like the idea of tying in a weekend break while you discover the magical markets out there, you should read on.

Christmas markets in the UK are a popular attraction for young and old, offering both a shopping experience and a great day out for the family but increasingly they are a good excuse for a weekend break!

We’ve put together a list of some of the Christmas markets you might enjoy that can be tied in with a weekend away. Be it cosy cottage or one of Farm Stay's many farms or bed and breakfasts, there's something for everyone! 

Cirencester Christmas Market
This quaint town is in the Cotswolds and offers a very traditional Christmas feel with activities and events from skating in the Abbey Grounds of the Parish Church to a lovely lantern parade.

Visit the market and you can enjoy exploring gourmet foods from the Charter Market, antiques at the Corn Hall as well as crafts and clothes. This is a lovely place to visit and makes for a perfect weekend break with so many beautiful places close by.

Manchester Christmas Markets
If you want a Lancashire break then we highly recommend trekking into Manchester to visit the Christmas markets. There are several throughout the city from the German style market at St Ann’s Square through to the French themed stalls of King Street. Manchester City Centre.

Exeter Christmas Market
Devon’s lovely cathedral city is a first-timer for the Christmas market and this year is holding an event in the grounds of Cathedral Green. This should be a great market as locals will be showcasing their hand-crafted gifts and food including chocolates and speciality cheeses!

Salisbury Christmas Market
You’ll find the market in Guildhall Square and you can expect to see Father Christmas in his grotto, live music from local schools and choirs as well as a paper lantern parade. And don’t forget if you’re going to the market you should make a stop off at the Cathedral!

Canterbury Christmas Market
Offering a small, traditional experience Canterbury gives you every opportunity to enjoy the festive spirit in the lovely setting of Whitefriars Square. You can enjoy German mulled wine and sausages, while listening to Christmas music.

There are a number of Christmas markets taking place this year, some in smaller villages and towns, some in large cities so chances are, if you’ve booked a Farm Stay holiday property you won’t be far from accessing one.

Why not take a look at our holiday properties now and start planning a great shopping weekend?