Coastal Walks to enjoy

This year sees the 50 year anniversary of the Neptune Coastline Campaign by the National Trust. It was an initiative introduced to help protect special areas of coastline in the UK that were / are under threat of development. This year this wonderful movement is 50 years old so we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the gorgeous coastal walks on offer to you.

There are hundreds of miles of coastline across England, Wales and Northern Ireland for you to enjoy and for nature to thrive in.

So what’s worth the walk?

The Welsh coastline has some fantastic walks on offer, including Whiteford Burrows near Llanmadoc on the Gower Peninsula. Interestingly, this wonderful stretch of coastline was the first one to be saved by the Neptune Coastline Campaign. As locations go, you’ll find this area of coastline is one of the top botanical sites within the UK, offering a beautiful array of plants and butterflies to enjoy.

If you like your history you’ll also enjoy the fact that this area is extremely rich in archaeology that dates back thousands of years. Just be sure to take your camera as the view of Anglesey and the Welsh coast will be something you’ll want to capture.

The Whitehaven coastal walk is also something to really enjoy.
This dramatic cliff-top walk begins at Whitehaven’s 17th Century harbour, where you’ll pass this towns industrial history before joining Wainright’s Coast to Coast path.

Here you can see and experience truly wild, secluded beaches and find some delightful gems like Saltom Pit, the Haig Colliery Mining Museum and Fleswick Bay. This walk is great for kids and adults alike.

Moving down south, we love the Crackington walk at Bude in Cornwall, which is great for young and old. 

North Cornwall has some absolutely stunning walks to choose from and this one is no exception.

Leading from Crackington Haven’s sandy beach to the truly magnificent Cambeak Headland and cliffs you can get the best of both worlds if you return via the sheltered woodland of Ludon Valley.

There are some interesting rock formations on this walk as well as lots of wildlife to spot.

The Isle of Wight is somewhere worth visiting so if you’ve not been, coastal walk or not, it’s definitely a recommendation if you’re looking for stunning coastline, beautiful views and a chilled out holiday.

St Catherines Point and Knowles Farm is a trail that is perhaps better for those who are fairly active but it does offer an ever-changing landscape. So why is it so special? As well as boasting panoramic views there is a true wealth of wildlife here. As the southerly most point of the Isle of Wight you can enjoy the island’s only surviving onshore lighthouse and take a look at where the infamous Marconi made some of his early experiments with radio.

We’ve only scratched the surface with these coastal walks of course. There’s plenty of woodland, moorland and more to enjoy in our beautiful countryside. Why not book a break with Farm Stay and discover what’s out there for you and the family to enjoy?

With holiday cottages, luxury stays, bed and breakfasts and working farms, you won’t find a better place to put one foot in front of the other on your next holiday!

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