Farmhouse Breakfast Week - Let's get cooking!

In honour of Breakfast Week which is fast approaching, we thought we would offer some tantalising breakfast recipes for Farm Stay blog readers everywhere – with an onus on healthy and flavour.

Breakfasts can be all shapes and sizes but for today’s recipe, we’re going to kick things off with a simple pancake! Shrove Tuesday’s not that far off either so it’s rather appropriate with think…

Pancakes are obviously synonymous with Shrove Tuesday but they make a delicious breakfast for young and old alike. They can be unhealthy (dependent on ingredients) but if you do them right you can be enjoying a breakfast that tastes divine but that also helps to provide you with one or two of your fresh fruit portions for the day.

75grams Plain Flour
50grams Wholemeal Plain Flour
1 Large Egg
350ml Semi-skimmed Milk
100grams Granola
1 tbsp Rapeseed Oil
2 Pink Grapefruit
2 tbsp Honey

Place both the wholemeal and plain flour into a large bowl and whisk together in the egg. Next you’ll need to gently whisk the milk (gradually) to form a batter. Once nice and smooth stir in your Granola.

Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan. (18cm is a good base size). Add a ladle of the batter until the base is covered. Cook for about one minute or until golden and then do the flip! Cook to a golden colour again and repeat for the number of pancakes you require.

Peel your grapefruit and remove the pith then cut into segments over a bowl, preserving the juice for later.

Finally fill the pancakes with the segments and drizzle a little bit of honey over them, before folding your pancake into quarters.

You can replace your Granola with toasted oats or even muesli and there’s no end to the alternative fruits you can use. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries…the choice is yours!

Enjoy your breakfast!