Open Farm Sunday 2017

Open Farm Sunday

A bit about Open Farm Sunday…

If you’ve ever wondered where the food on your table comes from or what it’s like to live in the countryside, then Open Farm Sunday is going to be of interest to you. In fact, as well as it being a fabulous way for the whole family to meet the farmers who grow your food and of course who care for the countryside, it’s also a wonderful day out for young and old.

Open Farm Sunday is the farming industry’s national open day and it involves hundreds of farmers everywhere arranging everything from farm walks, meet and greet the animals and a whole lot more for a day.

There have previously been nature trails, farm tours, pond dipping, childrens’ activities, trailer rides, picnics and even tractor rides, so this year promises to be a highly fun filled experience should you want to visit a farm yourself.

This year open days are taking place on the 11th of June.

Plenty of Farm Stay members are taking part in Open Farm Sunday this year so do take a look at the website and FIND AN OPEN FARM.

Why not make a weekend of it and book a countryside break? You can check the latest availability via our SEARCH and find not only an open farm experience but a great holiday too!

Supporting Open Farm Sundays helps to keep us all aware of how much of our food is produced in the UK by a team of dedicated farmers who really care about quality.

We look forward to seeing you at a farm soon!