The UK's Favourite Bird

No matter where you are you are never far from a glorious bird in the UK. Be it the pigeons residing in city centres, or the protected Kestral found in the middle of the countryside – birds are a part of UK life.

This week saw the results of a bird poll set up by the infamous ‘urban birder’ David Lindo, which finished on the day of the Elections.

So what were the results?

224,000 people in the UK cast a vote in the National Bird Vote and perhaps it’s no surprise that the beautiful Robin came in first place!

This little bird (associated with Christmas) has such a character and there are many gardeners out there that will tell you how frequently they get sightings. However, did you know our little robin is actually quite aggressive to other birds for territory and food?

It seems the nation’s favourite bird is not quite as friendly as we’d hoped, but then again perhaps you have to admire it’s determination!

The robin in the vote won by a large margin, taking 34% of the votes, which shows quite rightly how popular this little bird is with us Brits.

However, who came in second and third?

Well, perhaps it’s the fans of Harry Potter films that helped it reach second place, but the Barn Owl was a popular favourite with many voters, taking 12% of the overall votes.

In third place though is a bird that David Lundo himself wanted to win, but on this occasion the Blackbird with 11% got a respectable third place. Well done blackbird!

So there we have it, the nation’s favourite birds for all to see!

As yet, there are no plans to repeat the poll any time soon but for now, let’s celebrate our beautiful wildlife anyway!

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