Prop-Sync is a network tool that provides direct connectivity between websites and booking systems to give automatic synchronisation of accommodation details such as availability and booking references.

In IT software development this is otherwise known as a 'messaging bus service'. However, in basic terms, the purpose of Prop-Sync is to eliminate the time consuming task for short let property owners and managers of making duplicate entries of data changes, to eliminate duplicate online bookings and to eliminate the risk of data inconsistencies.

Farm Stay are ahead of the game as one of the first websites to start using Prop-Sync and have partnered with Brace iT and connected to its partners for your benefit.

Included within your membership with Farm Stay, you can use Prop-Sync (basic) administered through the Farm Stay Admin Panel for your 'one-stop' easy to use interface and exclusively FREE to use as a Farm Stay member.  If you wish to benefit from Pro-Sync advanced connections such as with Airbnb and, then you can upgrade to the full use of Prop-Sync.
Should you not wish to become a member of Farm Stay, then Prop-Sync is still available to you by registering at the Prop-Sync website.

Prop-Sync is fast becoming a recognised tool in the short let property industry, saving property owners time and money and advancing opportunities for property owners to widen their market without the hassle of administering multiple systems.

You can synchronise with any website or booking system that carries the Prop-Sync mark. For more information, please take a look at the Prop-Sync website.